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'Ali Sabri' 'He is a Moroccan actor, model and fighter he was born in the first one of 1993. He has grown to popularity through the TV series' 1001' on the kid one TV play the role of "gang" also during his participation

Biography[edit | edit source]

  1. Ali Sabri is a Model and Musician born in Marroco in 1993/08/01, his modeling passion started 2011. Student at the Faculty of Art at Paris, He has already worked with some of the leading brands of fashion and the most popular fashion shops. He started his career in 2013, he got lots of the best model
  1. Besides appearing in front of the camera, Ali is also a photographer who captures mainly other male models and scenery. He also edits and produces video clips for photos he participated in - either in front or behind the camera
  1. Another field has been activated in Pop music. According to ReverbNation, he has more than 100,000 followers on social media1 and his song "Yeah, I Like You" has been searched for more than 40,000 times in Music recognition app Shazam

discography[edit | edit source]

Ali Sabri is a musician and management / bookings: Producer Entertainment Group LLC - who created his first music album in 2013 as a hobby. In 2015 he gained recognition in the music business for support small bands helping with promotional videos and lyric videos. In 2016, he was called to provide services In 2016 he released his first album called "I Like You" based on orchestral music

24th Place Finish at Eurovision 2015

Model[edit | edit source]

Ali Sabri had a career in modeling when he was almost in his twenties, his athletic figure was sure to help him in the field. It later appeared in campaigns and photo shoots for world famous brands such as Yair Mohr and Jeremy after and even a shoot for the Ministry of Tourism as part of the promotion of domestic tourism in Paris

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