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Wesley Bissolati more professionally known as Redbot is a highly considered artist performing at various clubs across the Cape, The artist has played along side some of the most exotic DJs and producers of the 21st century some of which he considers to be his biggest inspirations. From Hosting/organizing events at a young age in the Edward Street Strip to having his music played on local Radio Stations. Redbot is influential and humble, always willing to inspire others and help change the music industry for the better. Redbot is also signed to the European Label (Digital Room Records)and has his first single out on Beatport "Dreams of Tomorrow" Redbot can also be found on Sound Cloud. Redbot has remixed one of South Africans highly regarded bands The Rudimentals

Early Life

in late 1997 Wesley Bissolati (Born 14 June 1988) known professionally as Redbot is a South African Electronic Music Producer, Events Manager and Disk Jockey. Growing up in Bellville Skateboarding and setting up Local area connections playing multiplayer games with his friends was the highlight of his entertainment lifestyle, although his father Luigi Bissolati was a Disk Jockey and Karaoke enthusiast his ambition was skateboarding years later after his obsessive skateboarding career came to an abrupt close he became restless and decided to take up DJing on a more professional level. he was introduced into the music industry at the age of 9 years old when his father bought himself a fully equipped mobile DJing kit and called this side hobby "Escape Mobile Djing". Wesley would always go on gigs with his father helping him setup the equipment and at times mix 1 or 2 songs. Eventually earning his fathers trust he would soon be DJing on his own. Between the ages of 10 and 15 his father would drop him off at gigs starting from as early as 2pm and closing in the early ours of the morning.

BassDrivers AKA Bass-Boys

later in life wesley had started a band with his friends Grant Mc Bride & Geoffrey Roy Glover known in 2002 - 2004 as the bassdrivers/bass-boys this was the beginning and this was where wesley was introduced to Vinyl and mixing with Turntables, his close friend at the time Grant was very theoretical with mixing music and studied the art of mixing, later he introduced the DAW Fruity loops and thus began the music production phase. the band played all over the suburbs at all the local house parties after weeks gone by wesley began to drift more apart from Geoff and Grant and worked his way up with his mobile career, wesley adopted all the gear from his father and progressed into the new era of modern mobile music this time the Brand was called Mobile Sound Masters.

Sound Print

in early 2006 wesley (Aged 17) was was introduced to stones (local Night Club) and approached a was accepted by DJ academy known as Sound Print they would teach wesley how to entertain using a microphone and 8 weeks of training learning how to read crowds, prep nights and beat matching on CDJ 100s. after the club discovering that wesley was under aged he was no longer allowed to train at the club, the Head Trainer Aleric would have the training in his apartment and at the end of it all wesley finished his exam with a shot of Coke and was accepted in the Sound Print Team.

First Time in the club

in late 2007 early 2008 Wesley started playing at Cock n Tail (Local club/pub) where he would play for free for months before the new owners took over, when the new owners arrived they offered wesley the chance to host his first event (Play Boy Themed) wesley took care of the marketing and some of the props, wesley had organized promoters for the night dressed as playboy bunnies, his father thought that this was a bad idea, (to much effort for nothing)the night came to a close when wesley was handed a roll of cash, his father fetched him from the club and wesley took the roll and showered the car dashboard full of 100 rand notes, his father reacted with a proud but joking statement "see, i knew you could do it" after the success of his first event it was time to DJ more and Host events even more.

Club Life & Hosting Events

in early 2007 wesley (aged 18) was not legal to DJ in clubs and after contacting Sound Print for his first gig he was immediately appointed to Cantina Tequila and Stones every Friday and Saturday evening, Cantina Tequila was from 8pm till 4am and Stones from 9pm till 2am.