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Archdeacon Chauncy Maples (left), William Percival Johnson (right), 1895

William Percival Johnson (1854-1928)[1] - Baibulo, Buku Lopatulika ndilo Mau a Mulungu, anatanthauziridwa mu Chichewa 1912.[2]

Notes[edit | sintha gwero]

  1. Bertram Herbert Barnes Johnson of Nyasaland: a study of the life and work of William Percival Johnson 1933 "CHAPTER I The Call to Africa WILLIAM PERCIVAL JOHNSON was born at Vernon 1854 Villa, St. Helens, in the Isle of Wight, on March 12, 1854. He was the third son of John Johnson, a lawyer of Ryde, and Mary Percival, his second wife, ..."
  2. The Society of Malawi journal 52-55 Society of Malawi - 1999 "In particular, William Percival Johnson performed outstanding feats in this respect. Although since 1884 he had been totally blind in one eye, and had only very limited sight in the other, he translated the whole of the Bible, ..."