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Belgium (België in Dutch, Belgique in French and Belgien in German) is a small country located in Western Europe, bordered by the Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the North Sea.

Flag of Belgium.svg Great coat of arms of Belgium.svg
(In Detail)
National motto: "L'union fait la force" (in French) and "Eendracht maakt macht" (in Dutch) (Translation: "Strength lies in unity")
Official local names:Koninkrijk België
Royaume de Belgique
Königreich Belgien
Official English name:Kingdom of Belgium
Official languages:Dutch, French, German
Capital city:Brussels
Land area:30,528 km²
Inhabitants:10,263,414 (2001)
Population density:336/km²
Monarch:Albert II of Belgium
Prime Minister:Guy Verhofstadt
Independence declared1830
Independence recognised1839
Currency:Euro(€) (1), Belgian euro coins
Time zone:UTC +1 (Central European Time)
National anthem:La Brabançonne
Internet TLD:.BE
(1) Prior to 1999: Belgian franc

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